Yashin met zijn moeder

Empowering Dreams: Stories of Resilience and Hope from 2Mothers

At Second Plan(t) by 2Mothers, our mission is clear: we embrace sustainability and empower vulnerable mothers. Today, we want to introduce you to four incredible women whose stories embody our mission and showcase the strength and determination of mothers facing adversity.

Taslima Begum: A Single Mother’s Dream

Taslima Begum is a single mother with an unbreakable spirit. Her daughter, now 12 years old, is the center of her world. Unfortunately, her husband left her after the birth of their daughter, leaving Taslima to fend for her family’s needs. While she works in a factory to provide for her daughter, her grandmother looks after her. Taslima’s dream is simple but profound: to raise her daughter properly and ensure she receives a primary education. Her biggest dream in life is for her daughter to find happiness with a good partner who can take care of her.

Aysha Begum: Nurturing Education Against All Odds

Aysha Begum’s story is one of unyielding determination. With two children, she faces the challenges of a husband addicted to drugs, rendering him unable to support the family. Aysha took it upon herself to provide for her family’s needs, with her dream being to see her son’s education through to completion. Her hope is that her son will secure a good job and become a pillar of support for their family.

Amena: From Challenges to Dreams

Amena’s journey has been marked by resilience and the pursuit of dreams. Orphaned at a young age, she took on the role of caretaker for her younger brother. At just 15, she got married and became a mother. Now, with two sons aged 13 and 14, she’s the breadwinner of the family, as her husband’s work as a day laborer is often inconsistent. Amena is receiving training in working with jute through our partner, Corr de Jute. Her dream is to educate her sons and provide them with a better future, including owning land and building a larger home for her family.

Bobitha Akther: Sewing Hope in Difficult Times

Bobitha Akther’s story is a testament to resilience during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her daughter, Lamia Akther, attends a special day center in Ghior, allowing Bobitha to work for 2Mothers and provide for her family. During the pandemic, 2Mothers provided her with a sewing machine, enabling her to work from home and generate income. With this income, she bought chickens, geese, and a goat to support her family. Bobitha is grateful for the opportunity to work with 2Mothers and hopes to continue contributing to our mission.

These four remarkable women remind us that with determination and support, dreams can become a reality. At Second Plan(t) by 2Mothers, we’re dedicated to empowering mothers like Taslima, Aysha, Amena, and Bobitha on their journeys towards brighter futures. Their stories inspire us to continue our mission of sustainability and empowerment, making a positive impact one mother at a time. Together, we can make dreams come true.

Deze vier opmerkelijke vrouwen herinneren ons eraan dat met vastberadenheid en steun dromen werkelijkheid kunnen worden. Bij Second Plan(t) door 2Mothers zijn we toegewijd aan het versterken van moeders zoals Taslima, Aysha, Amena en Bobitha op hun weg naar een betere toekomst. Hun verhalen inspireren ons om onze missie van duurzaamheid en empowerment voort te zetten en zo een positieve impact te maken, één moeder per keer. Samen kunnen we dromen laten uitkomen.

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